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Interactive Education Modules

Develop a better understanding of sharing Big Data for medical education research, associated concerns and challenges, and established consensus principles and recommendations by completing these interactive e-modules.

Each module covers an important aspect of our consensus-building discussions and the resulting principles that address the tensions identified in the SSHRC-funded workshop series. The modules include case discussions, examples, and relevant resources.

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Module 1: Big Data and Data Sharing: A Canadian Perspective on Risks, Benefits, and Principles

This is a summary module that covers the breadth of the pan-Canadian education Big Data capacity-building initiative. The resulting consensus document is shared and the key principles are described.

Module 2: Big Data: Promise or Peril for Learners, Communities, and Privacy?

This module takes a closer look at the risks identified through the pan-Canadian education Big Data capacity-building initiative, differentiating procedural and outcome risks associated with inter-institutional data-driven education research. Specific attention is paid to principles of governance that protect those represented within data sets and those who are likely to be most impacted by research outcomes.

Module 3: Better Data > Big Data: Logistical and Technical Issues in Data Sharing and Management

This module considers the technical aspects of data management for inter-institutional data-driven medical education research with respect to the consensus principles developed through the pan-Canadian education Big Data capacity building project and with reference to the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy.

Interactive Education Modules: Schedule

These modules were made possible by funding from Compute Ontario.

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