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About the 2021 Connection Series

Our 2021 Connection Series sought to advance collective thinking and build consensus as it pertains to the collection and use of health professions education data for education research. The Connection Series brought together individuals from the fields of Higher Education, Library and Data Sciences, and Epidemiology/Health Services, who have made considerable advances in addressing data quality and data standards, to share their insights and experiences for consideration by those in the fields of medical and health professions education.

The objectives of the Connection Series were to:

  1. Facilitate the flow of knowledge pertaining to Data Ethics and Policy among researchers and stakeholders within the Medical and Health Professional Education community.

  2. Support knowledge mobilization around data governance, quality, and management for research between individuals from the fields of Library Science, Epidemiology, and General Education that have developed solutions to similar challenges, and the Medical and Health Professions Education community.

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Event Sponsors & Organizers

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the sponsors and organizers

who made the Connection Series possible!

SSHRC logo.png

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

This series was supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


The Wilson Centre

University of Toronto


Department of Family & Community Medicine

University of Toronto

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Department of Family Medicine

McMaster University


Health Science Education Graduate Program

McMaster University

McMaster Education Research Innovation & Theory (MERIT)

McMaster University

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